Welcome to the JvT Band. Jeroen van Tuijl, the lead vocalist and guitarist, discovered his love for the guitar more then 30 years ago. After playing a lot of covers with various bands and being influenced by his favorite rock and blues music, Jeroen was inspired to compose his own music. In addition he also writes his own lyrics. This all resulted in forming the JvT band, together with Claudio on bass and Rene on drums. These 3 passionate musicians play Jeroens music with a heart, coming out of their souls. Recently the band released their 3th CD. Browse to discover more about these talented artists, listen to demos, order their CDs or book a gig. Keep on rockin' in a free world!!!! This site is built by Jvt . Marketing, photography and lyrics by Liesbeth Rietveld .  All  music-rights are registered at Buma Stemra